Last week I was in the grocery store picking up a few things for dinner. As I walked in, I saw the little food station where they were selling hot dogs and Cokes for those looking for a snack. Then I noticed tiny little vases with red roses on the high tables where people stood and ate their hot dogs.

I was impressed. This was in a grocery store, with a vendor selling something as simple as hot dogs. And yet the folks in charge didn't think it was too much to improve the experience of their customers by placing the roses on the table.

For me, it was a remarkable gesture. One that underscored my belief that there is no experience within your customer journey that's too small or insignificant to invest in enhancing the customer experience.

When you deliver remarkable customer experiences on a consistent basis, your brand will stand out. Your customers will notice, and they'll be eager for repeat doses of what you have to offer. They'll tell their friends and you'll win more customers as a result.

Enhancing your customer experience doesn't have to be a major undertaking or even cost a ton of money. At a minimum, it requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and boldness.

Here are five areas within your customer journey where you can quickly get started enhancing the experience your brand delivers.

1. Spice up your photography.

Photography is often a big part of every brand because it helps to further communicate your story. The sad part is most photography doesn't do anything to enhance the brand experience. Much of it looks the same and is forgettable.

But when you find ways to make your photography an asset that enhances your brand experience, it helps you stand out.

Earlier this month, Beyoncé used unique editorial-style product photography to help her sell out the new collection of her Ivy Park athleisure brand in partnership with Adidas.

2. Add personality to your copy.

Every brand uses words within their customer experience, whether on their website, the original content they create, or even on the instruction manuals they produce for products.

Resist the urge to use blah copy, and spice things up a bit. Give your words personality. Use tone, language, and phrases that signal that your brand is different, and worth paying attention to.

KFC does a fantastic job of this with their social media account. The snarky account engages with customers in fun ways, that make it an entertaining to follow.

3. Have fun with your signs.

Signage is an important part of your customer experience because in most instances they are providing instructions or important information that supports customer success in a particular area.

But your signs don't have to be boring or rely on common ways to deliver information that most other brands do it.

When I was at Disney World, I smiled when I saw a sign that included the copy "please pardon our pixie dust" with a photo of Tinker Bell to alert guests that there were areas of the park and resort that were under construction. 

4. Send love letters.

I mean, who doesn't like receiving love letters? Whether it is a handwritten "thanks for being awesome" note, a small gift just because, or even a voucher for a VIP experience, public shout-out, or discount on one of your products or services--small gestures that demonstrate you see your customers and you care about them go a long way.

5. Add some pizzazz to the mundane.

It's been nearly ten years, but I still remember the elevator at the W Hotel in Westwood in Los Angeles. Whenever you're in it, there is a camera that snaps photos of you and posts them on the wall of the elevator as you ride. Every time I got on it, I had my own personal mini-photo shoot as I struck various poses. It was a bright spot in a space that is often mundane.

And Sprinkles Cupcakes made the act of ordering a cupcake an "event" by dispensing them at a cupcake ATM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can deliver remarkable customer experieneces that win you more customers, no matter what type of product or service you sell, and no matter your budget. Get started by setting the intention to shake things up, and not taking the easy way out by doing everything the same way everyone else does. It's worth it.