Last week, Beyonce dropped a surprise album to coincide with the release of her new Netflix documentary, Homecoming. The album features live recordings of songs from her historic Coachella performance last year, plus a few bonus tracks. One of the bonus songs is "Before I Let Go," a cover of the Frankie Beverly and Maze classic.

Fans have already made videos of themselves dancing to the cover, even though it's only been out for a short time. And in her first ever posts on Instagram Stories, Beyonce shared some of those fan videos.

There's a ton we can learn from what Beyonce has done to build and grow her career, business empire, and a global massive audience of raving fans.

With this latest move, dubbed the #beforeiletgochallenge, we should all take notes as Beyonce showcases that delivering remarkable experiences for your customers isn't just about what you produce for them.

To be clear, Beyonce did not pioneer this approach. She's just the latest brand to showcase the power of it.

Kevin Curry of FitMen Cook provides healthy recipes and has a hefty social media following of well over a million. Each week on Instagram, he reposts on his stories photos of people in his community showcasing their versions of one of his many recipes.

Kayla Itsines of BBG has fitness workout programs her customers can access in an app. She has a large audience, as well, with more than ten million followers on Instagram. If you scroll through her feed, you'll see that many of her posts are before and after photos of people within her community who've gotten fit as a result of going through her program.

You don't always have to show your customers using your own products, either. Sometimes, there's a benefit just in highlighting them doing something cool, especially when it falls in line with your values. Actor Will Smith incorporates people doing remarkable things on his Instagram page.

Here are three reasons why this is a smart strategy you should incorporate into your own customer experience:

1. It lets your customers know you see them.

A lot of times brand communications fall flat because they are one-sided. They aren't designed to get your customers to engage and interact. Over time, if your customers feel like you're taking more than you give, they'll go off in search of some other solution to solve their problem.

But when you demonstrate that you're not interested just in selling more of your products and services, but in actually building a two-way relationship with the customers you're serving, it connects them to you at a deeper level.

It lets them know that you see them, appreciate them, and get them. And seeing your customers is the first step in helping them feel like they belong, which is essential, because business is about belonging.

2. It makes your customers the heroes.

Turning the spotlight on your customers makes them the heroes, which is a smart way to build engagement, loyalty, and excitement.

You should not be the hero of your own story. Your business exists to serve your customers. It exists to help transform your customers from where they are to where they want to go.

It's good practice to highlight customers who achieved that transformation, with you as their guide. When you do, you create a defining moment for them by giving them a greater sense of pride in their progress and achievements.

Another added benefit of making your customer the hero: it increases your credibility. Instead of you talking about how wonderful your products and services are, your customers are showing how effective your methods are with their results.

By giving your customer the stage, you add a salesperson to your team at no additional cost. I've heard Beyonce's new song a bunch, just from watching the Instagram stories.

3. It's easy content.

Producing valuable content is a smart strategy to grow your business. But many businesses struggle to stick with this strategy because it is difficult for them to produce content on a regular basis.

But when you showcase your customers, they do the heavy lifting for you. You don't have to do the hard work of creating the content from scratch. It's a win for all. Your customers get seen, they get to be the hero, and you get quality content.

You don't have to rack your brain to find ways to increase engagement and enhance the experience you deliver to your customers. Follow a strategy that's been proven to work across industries and for brands of all sizes by put the spotlight on your customers.