Original content is the strategy companies like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are using to grow their businesses over the long-term. That's why each of them are investing billions of dollars on content in 2018, and signing deals with entertainment powerhouses such as Steven Spielberg, Shonda Rhimes, and Rihanna, to win more customers with their content.

It is easy understand why these companies are going all in on this strategy. Data shows it is highly effective (not to mention cost-effective) in helping you reach your business goals:

Why many companies struggle to publish content that grows their business

You don't have to spend the kind of money Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are to reap the many benefits of producing original content. No matter how big or non-existent your budget is, you can create content that attracts the customers you want, and nurtures them over time so they keep coming back to you. 

To do that, you've got to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis. And that's where most businesses get hung up.

They think about the kind of content they love consuming, including from some of the stars the big companies are teaming up with. And then instead of putting their head down and doing the work to produce their own content for their own customers, they start holding themselves to an impossible standard. 

As a result, they get stuck in an endless spiral of perfectionism that prevents them from creating the content their audience needs them to produce. No bueno.

The content you create doesn't have to look like a Hollywood movie, or read like a Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote it.

It only needs to solve a specific problem your customers want to have solved. And it needs to do it in a way that will hold their attention. Simple as that.

If your perfectionist tendencies have prevented you from publishing content that grows your business, follow this simple process below. In this infographic, writing coach Henneke, founder of Enchanting Marketing walks you through a simple process that helps you ditch perfectionism and self-doubt, so you can publish more of your work.

An added benefit of publishing your content more often? The more you produce, the better you get. And in time, any gaps between your high standards and what you're able to produce will begin to close. 

So no more excuses. Start positioning your company to grow with your content, by publishing your content.

How to Streamline Your Writing Process

How to Streamline Your Writing Process, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing