The most effective and inspiring leaders lead by example. They set the standard for the behaviors they want their team to embody with their customers, by modeling it themselves. As a result, the culture created within in a company aligns with the defined values and vision. 

Remarkable experiences are increasingly becoming the primary means by which companies differentiate themselves to win more customers. One research report from Econsultancy showed experiences will overtake product and price as the key differentiator. And this approach will only grow more popular, as customers become more willing to pay more for delightful experiences. 

To get your team to make delivering remarkable experiences to your customers a habit,  start with creating exceptional experiences to your employees.

When they get a regular dose of what "good looks like," along with the feeling that comes when they are delighted, they will quickly grow accustomed to seeking out ways to do the same for your customers.

To make delivering the remarkable your norm, you have to have a high-performing team standing beside you to execute your vision. If you have high turnover or a disengaged workforce, then delivering the remarkable on a consistent basis will prove difficult.

Here are two ways to transform ordinary occurrences into experiences that will be both memorable and meaningful for your team.

1. Elevation what seems common.

A simple way to deliver moments your team will love, is to boost the sensory pleasures associated with something many deem common or ordinary.

For instance, having a new team member join your company frequently happens as your company grows. But many companies miss the opportunity to transform an employee's first day, into an experience that will earn their loyalty.

While in business school, I arrived for an internship in Montreal only to find out the local office of the company I was working with hadn't realized I was coming that day. I sat in the airport for a while not knowing where to go or what to do in a country I'd never been before, and with a language I didn't speak. Eventually, the contact I'd been working with was able to get in touch with the team at the local office, and someone came and scooped me up. Thankfully the rest of the internship went well after that initial hiccup.

Contrast that with the first day experience designed by John Deere.

The team designed every detail of what they officially call the "First Day Experience" to ensure it would be both memorable and meaningful for a new team member. It starts with assigning each new person a "buddy" to show them the ropes. It continues with a welcome gift, a welcome banner which alerts other team members to stop by say hello, an email from the CEO, a planned lunch with a group of colleagues, and an invitation for a one-on-one lunch the following week with the department head.

Elevating the first day experience makes a new person feel valued. Think about which experiences you can design to be remarkable within your company that can help you accomplish the same goal.

2. Foster pride in engaging in the right behaviors.

Many companies are in the habit of celebrating big milestones in their teams' tenure with their company. I got a watch and a plaque after five years working on my corporate job.

But there are plenty of other moments that could connect your team to you at a deeper level with a little acknowledgment.

You could celebrate employees whenever they complete a big project, highlight sales numbers, excellent customer service reviews, being a supportive team member, bringing forth creative ideas, or even for working long hours to fix a pressing problem.

The acknowledgments can range from informal, like giving applause at a team meeting, to more pronounced such as a group luncheon, a special perk, or even more grandiose, such as with formal awards ceremonies, bonuses, or other gifts.

By elevating the moments your team should feel proud about, you showcase what behaviors you want to see more often. 

Publicly celebrate your team for a job well done. Not only will your people feel seen for all the hard work they put in, but they'll develop a greater sense of belonging as well.

Your team is a critical component of your ability to delight your customers on a consistent basis. Take the time to cultivate a group that is relentless about delivering remarkable experiences to your customers. You can do that by being relentless about delivering remarkable experiences to your team.