It's no secret that creating content is a smart strategy to establish your expertise, attract the customers you want, and grow your business.

Across the board, the data makes a pretty compelling case for why you shouldn't ignore this strategy:

As more and more people dig into content marketing, those who deliver high-quality content on a consistent basis will be the ones who win.

A common conundrum with consistently producing high-quality content

Even though content marketing is a smart strategy to grow your business, it isn't always the easiest to execute. One of the biggest challenges businesses have with creating the content they need to reach their goals is the time it takes to produce it.

When I first started writing articles, I used to agonize over them. It would take me days to get one to the point where I thought it was ready for prime time.

As a result, I was always unimpressed with my output. Soon enough, I realized that I would need to become more prolific to reach the goals I'd set for myself. And to be prolific, in addition to devoting time to other important parts of my business (as well as having a life), I knew I had to become a faster writer.

If you need to produce more content than you currently have the capacity for, one way to address this problem is to outsource your content creation. There are plenty of freelancers, and content marketing houses that would gladly produce all the content you could ever want.

But if hiring other people to produce your content for you isn't in your budget, or not the path you want to take, you can learn to write faster too.

Thankfully, there are lots of tools, hacks, and science-backed data on how to do that. Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing pulled twelve of those together in this handy-dandy hand-illustrated infographic.

Henneke's illustrations incorporate another critical component of content that gets results: the ability to stand out. More on that in another article. In the meantime, try a few of the tips below, to help you produce a larger amount of high-quality work that earns you customers.