I spent more than a decade in marketing at large healthcare companies before I left to build my own business. One of the comments I heard over and over again by colleagues was their lament that we couldn't do "cool" marketing tactics because the industry was so heavily regulated. They felt like our hands were tied.

I often hear marketers in other industries making the same excuse about a boring product being the reason for their lackluster marketing. Every time I hear these types of complaints about the restraints preventing them from delivering remarkable customer experiences, I'm reminded of a quote I love from email copywriter Josh Earl.

There are no boring products. Just bored marketers.

No one has time for boring. Especially not your customers who've got a ton of stimuli from numerous sources vying for their attention. Statistic Brain research from 2013 says that the average human attention span is decreasing, with it currently clocking in at eight seconds. Apparently, that's less than the span of a goldfish, which is nine seconds.

Boring isn't an option if you want to capture and keep your customers attention as a means to grow your business. 

Here are three clever ways to deliver remarkable customer experiences no matter what industry you're in.

1. Explore options to jazz up elements of your product experience.

You don't have to launch a new product or service to inject some delight into your customer experiences. You can have fun with specific elements to bring a smile to your customers' faces.

Coke did this recently with their cans. We've all seen soda cans a million times, but for the holiday season, the Coke team in Brazil added virtual reality to bring a little magic to something as common and mundane as a soda can.

Here's the Instagram post one of my friends put up to share her excitement about the holiday scene.

Think about how you can spice up elements of your product packaging or other touchpoints in your customers' journey. 

2. Have fun with your communications.

Many of us take for granted the number of opportunities we have to communicate with our customers. Whether it be with signage, written words, or even instructional videos or manuals, know that how you deliver messages matters.

Look for ways to seize opportunities to deliver remarkable experiences with your communications. Business-to-business software company PDQ went above and beyond to produce an apology video for their customers.

It takes a bit more time to avoid the status quo to communicate in a memorable way with your customers. However, ditching boring content no one wants to consume will draw your customers closer to you.

3. Invent special occasions to deepen emotional connections.

You don't have to limit your opportunities for delivering remarkable experiences to your existing products. You can create events and programs designed to connect with your customers at a deeper level.

TD Bank did this a few years ago. They wanted to thank their customers for being their customers. They did so by transforming their ATMs into "automatic thanking machines" that dispersed gifts.

Brainstorm how you can organize events and programs whose sole purpose is to delight your customers. It doesn't have to be as elaborate as TD Bank's undertaking. Simple gestures like calling your customers on the phone to say "thank you" can go a long way.

Boring doesn't have to exist anywhere within the experiences along your customers' journey. Be intentional about looking for ways to be and deliver the remarkable.