Feelings drive behavior. Thus as you work to grow your business, it is good practice to produce products, services, and experiences along every touch point that makes your customers feel something.

That emotion is key in helping you transcend the transaction to develop deeper emotional bonds with your customers. The greater their emotional connection with you, the easier it is for you to earn your their loyalty.

In business, indifference is your enemy.

When your customers are indifferent about what you produce, they are much more open to giving their attention to new and shiny offerings in the market. That's why it is good practice to make your customers feel something in the various aspects of their journey with you. 

Here are a few examples to inspire your thinking.

1. Excitement

The other day I watched a trailer for the movie Creed II, starring Michael B. Jordan. As I got to the end of the trailer I found myself squealing with excitement, jumping up and down, and yelling back at the screen when in anticipation of seeing the film.

The movie doesn't come out for another four months, but it gave me all the feels. I've had multiple conversations with other people about my eager anticipation for this movie. As you think about what you produce, look for ways to induce feelings of excitement for what you will bring to market that will keep your audience eagerly awaiting your work.

2. Outrage

Take a quick look through your Twitter or Facebook feeds to see plenty of posts of people being upset about something. You can use this affinity to outrage in your favor. Bonus points if you channel that outrage into positive action.

Marie Forleo is a popular business coach. She tapped into her audiences feelings to mobilize them to take action to reunite families that had been separated at the border. By channeling her following's outrage on the issue, they raised nearly $2.6 million for the cause.

Think about how you can use outrage to move your audience to action to fight a common enemy as it relates to your business. Rallying your community around tackling social issues work well too.

3. Inspiration

As a business leader, you are in the transformation business. As such, everyone wins when you show your customer what is possible in their quest to become a better version of themselves.

Massy Arias is a fitness coach with a large following. On her social media channels, she regularly shows videos of herself pushing her body beyond perceived limits to perform at a higher level.

She also highlights people in her community who are doing the same and getting great results. When you show your audience what they are capable of, they connect you with positive defining moments that kickstarted and supported them in their journey to be great. Don't produce anything your customers will feel indifferent about.

Focus instead on making them feel in a way that draws them closer to you.