Big companies like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are doubling down on original content to grow. In 2018 alone, the powerhouses are set to spend $4.5 billion, $1 billion, and $6 billion respectively on this approach to attract new customers.

Original content is a smart way to create remarkable experiences for the customers you serve. Remarkable customer experiences lead to loyal customers. And of course, loyal customers are what you want in your business. They buy more, cost less to service and maintain, and they tell their friends about you.

That's why I can barely get through my Facebook newsfeed without coming across multiple posts from friends talking about how much they love This Is Us, and about how they cry during every episode.

Your content doesn't have to be entertainment-based to use it as a growth lever. You just need to produce valuable content that helps your customers solve their problems, in a way that speaks to their unique experiences, backgrounds, and quirks.

And you need to do it on a consistent basis. That way, you'll be able to build and nurture a relationship with them that transcends a simple transaction and connects them to you on a deeper level.

But consistency is the primary challenge many businesses have with producing original content. They produce a high-quality blog-post, podcast, or video, only to leave their audience hanging for weeks or months at a time, while they work to produce more of it. And that does not help your quest to deliver remarkable customer experiences. No bueno.

Customers are less inclined to wait these days, especially if that emotional connection isn't already established with you. Thus if you want to attract and grow an audience of customers who crave your content, you've got to find a proven system that will enable you to deliver it to them consistently. You need a process that overcomes common reasons people struggle to publish regularly: perfectionism, creativity blocks, and limited chunks of time to create.

Thankfully, there is a framework that can help you with that. It comes from Henneke Duistermaat, founder of Enchanting Marketing. She's used this approach to consistently publish hundreds of articles for her own blog and others over the past five years.

When I began creating original content, I published sporadically. I often waited until I had the perfect idea along with plenty of uninterrupted time on my calendar to bring the idea to life. As such my output was much less than I'd hoped.

But when I implemented an approach that closely mimics the one Henneke presents in the below infographic, both the quantity and quality of what I published improved dramatically. And the process of producing the content became more enjoyable too.

You can get similar results as well. Follow these simple steps to makes creating remarkable content a habit.

 inline image

How to Get Inspired and Blog Consistently All Year, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing