You know those employees who constantly IM cat videos across the office or update their Instagram with selfies from their desk?

They may not be your employees of the month, but apparently, they are the most content.

A new survey found that in 42 percent of companies, slackers are the happiest employees. They tend to like their jobs more than top performers and they're more likely to call their company a great place to work.

The survey, conducted by Leadership IQ, an Atlanta-based consulting firm, found even more eyebrow-raising stats: These slackers also report being incredibly motivated and engaged in their jobs.

They also think they’re doing a better job than anyone else.

How can this be? The survey's lead author told the Wall Street Journal that the disparity arises because low performers get assigned the most basic tasks, so they’re naturally less stressed about them and ultimately more satisfied with their accomplishments.  

As bosses dole out fist pumps to the lazy employees for getting their jobs done, the study said companies' top performers often pick up the slack. 

Of course, the low performers don’t know that. According to the survey, they said they put in 100 percent at work.