Obsessed with increasing the diversity of its workforce,  Google has become a place where white men can't get a fair shake -- especially if they happen to hold conservative political views. That's the thrust of a new lawsuit filed Monday against the search giant.

James Damore, who wrote a controversial memo that ignited the tech world this summer, is the lead plaintiff in the class action, along with David Gudeman. Both men are represented by Dhillon Law Group.

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The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs and other conservative white men, as well as conservatives and white people in general, faced gender-based, racial, and political discrimination at Google.

Dhillon Law Group is headed by  Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent Republican litigator (one of the few in the San Francisco Bay Area). At the firm's press conference on Monday, Dhillon said that she has spoken to dozens of other Google employees who shared Damore and Gudeman's concerns.

"Google has engaged in some shocking activities," she told the assembled reporters. "Google managers encourage people to harass other people into submission with the political orthodoxy," referring to the progressive attitudes common in Silicon Valley.

"It is acceptable at Google to threaten violence against conservatives," Dhillon continued. "Memes about punching Nazis and equating Nazis to Trump supporters and Trump voters are common and are tolerated at Google, and are published on Google's internal websites. Employees who complain about these practices are brushed off, almost to a man and woman."

Dhillon further pointed out that any kind of racial or gender-based quota system for recruiting and hiring would be a violation of labor laws, and that technology firms will have to accomplish the demographic makeup they seek through other means.