In 2016, Gail Becker quit her comfortable corporate job to pursue a business idea--and didn't tell anyone what she was doing. "I knew people would say I was crazy, and I just didn't want to hear it," she says. The idea: a healthier frozen pizza made with cauliflower, inspired by her two children, who had been diagnosed with celiac disease and needed gluten-free diets. 

The company she founded, Caulipower, now reportedly has $100 million in annual revenue and offers a range of vegetable-based frozen foods in national chains like Whole Foods and Target. In Inc.'s latest "Your Next Move" streaming event, Becker spoke with managing editor Lindsay Blakely about fundraising, getting a product onto store shelves, and what it's like to run a food company during a pandemic. Watch the clips below for more of her startup story and her advice for entrepreneurs.

On how to know when it's time to introduce new product lines:

On a kitchen experiment that led to a popular new product:

On her definition of "smart money" and how to raise it:

On one easy way to keep your team engaged while working remotely:

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