The smaller your business, the more you have to hustle, says Constance Schwartz-Morini, the co-founder and CEO of SMAC Entertainment, a talent management and production company that represents professional athletes and media personalities. But that doesn't mean you should compromise when it comes to partnerships. For example, she and her SMAC co-founder, the TV host and former NFL player Michael Strahan, haven't taken any outside investment, because they're wary of bringing on a partner whose approach to the business doesn't align with theirs. And the company advises clients not to work with brands they don't truly believe in. 

In the latest Inc. "Real Talk: Business Reboot" streaming event, Schwartz-Morini spoke with Inc. senior editor Graham Winfrey about what constitutes a good strategic partnership, the importance of authenticity in branding, and how to develop business relationships that will last decades. Watch the clips below for more of her advice for founders. 

On why the word "brand" is often misunderstood--and what it really means: 

On the most effective way to launch a new product:

On social media dos and don'ts:

On the seemingly insignificant actions that make a job applicant stand out:

On how to command respect by being respectful: