Dan Price wants bosses to stop acting like everyone's an extrovert. The founder and CEO of payment-processing business Gravity Payments, Price is known for instituting a $70,000 minimum salary at that company -- and he takes issue with entrepreneurs who are calling all of their employees back to the office again.

Price thinks CEOs do their teams a disservice when they take a one-size-fits-all approach to deciding where work gets done. They should consider, he argues, that more introverted employees might be happier -- and doing their best work -- at home.

"I don't think we appreciate how much work-from-home has helped introverts," Price wrote in a LinkedIn post on Thursday.

"A lot of CEOs are extroverts (like me) and find being around people energizing, and assume others are the same way," he writes. "So they force employees back to the office under the assumption that it will help people."

The mass shift to remote work during the pandemic led some high-profile CEOs like Apple's Tim Cook and JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon to claim that it's a poor substitute for in-person work, because chance meetings in the office fuel creativity and improve collaboration. While that theory has been suggested by many business leaders over the years, there's little evidence to support it, a New York Times report found.

What anti-remote-work bosses fail to consider, Price argues, is that "many people find being at the office exhausting and need time at home to recharge."

He also notes that people who feel comfortable speaking up during in-person meetings are often unfairly perceived as star employees, and that remote work helps level the playing field. "People who keep to themselves are usually listening more intently than anyone and have valuable things to share if you get them into a more comfortable space," Price writes.

Price has a history of expressing unconventional attitudes toward leadership, most notably with his announcement in 2015 that he would raise his company's minimum wage to $70,000 -- and cut his own salary to the same amount. His post this week touched a nerve for many workers and bosses, garnering nearly 28,000 reactions and more than 1,000 comments. 

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