For creative people, some of the challenges of the pandemic--such as having to work from home without the stimulation of a busy office or the routines of normal life--can be a source of inspiration. "Sometimes the limitations actually force you to be more creative," says advertising master David Droga, who spoke with Inc. contributing editor Andrew Essex for Inc.'s "Real Talk: Business Reboot" webinar series Wednesday. 

Droga is the founder and creative chairman of Droga5, the New York-based agency behind IHOP's viral "IHOb" campaign and numerous high-profile projects for the likes of The New York Times, Prudential, and HBO's "Game of Thrones." Watch the clips below for more of Droga's advice for brands seeking to make an impact in the Covid-19 era.

On how the coronavirus will eliminate one of the most common types of business trip:

On the difference between solving problems alone and bouncing ideas off colleagues:

On why he thinks "viral marketing" is "a stupid premise":

On how brands' attempts at empathy in their advertising have started to blur together: 

On why those brands feel compelled to follow the same playbook:

On using bots as copywriters, and why they won't replace humans:

On the two most effective kinds of advertising:

On why you shouldn't advertise just because you can:

On the importance of having a point of view in advertising: 

On why he isn't anti-data:

On the decline of "empty" celebrity endorsements: