In early March, as the coronavirus pandemic picked up deadly speed, Everlywell founder and CEO Julia Cheek made a decision that would define her company. The five-year-old Austin-based startup, which makes at-home diagnostic tests for a variety of health concerns, started developing mail-in test kits for Covid-19. The kits have since been authorized by the FDA. In the May/June issue of Inc., Cheek described the challenge of getting those tests to market to editor-at-large Tom Foster. She spoke with Foster again during Inc.'s latest "Real Talk: Business Reboot" webinar Thursday. Watch the clips below to learn how Everlywell pulled off its pivot--and how Cheek managed her company in a time of crisis.

On facing fundraising hurdles despite her privilege: 

On the "Shark Tank bump" her company experienced after its 2017 TV appearance:

On why the decision to offer Covid-19 testing was both very easy and very hard:

On the "whiplash" of launching a new product while making major budget cuts:

On how she manages productivity and mental health while working remotely:

On why data should inform, but not dictate, your decisions as a leader:

On how the past three months have changed her leadership style: