When Jeff Raider graduated from Wharton Business School in 2010, Warby Parker, the direct-to-consumer eyeglasses company he'd co-founded with three fellow students, was already a runaway success. He had promised to work at an investment firm, so he stepped back from entrepreneurship. That didn't last.

Three years later, Raider co-founded another startup: Harry's, which sells men's razors and personal-care products. The company grew quickly, establishing a retail presence in Target and Walmart, and introducing a line of women's products called Flamingo. In 2019, Edgewell Personal Care, the parent company of Schick, offered to buy Harry's for $1.37 billion (the FTC later blocked the deal).

Raider, the co-CEO of Harry's, spoke with Inc. editor-at-large Tom Foster about his experience launching and scaling the company in Inc.'s latest "Your Next Move" streaming event. Watch the clips below for his advice for building a brand customers love, the difference between selling online and in-store, and what he learned when the Edgewell acquisition fell through.

On why Raider believes selling directly to consumers is a "wonderful" way to launch a brand:

On what Harry's did to stand out on the crowded shelves of men's shaving products in Target and Walmart:

On getting your products in front of the customers who will love them most:

On why it's a CEO's job to create an environment where leaders can succeed:

On the importance of showing up to meetings with the right attitude:

On what the next generation of consumer-products companies will look like--and why big brands should watch out: