After 15 years in business, Hint Water is still finding new ways to grow. The company, which sells unsweetened, fruit-flavored water, raised a $25 million Series D round in August, bringing its total funding to $51.5 million and its valuation to $150 million, according to PrivCo. It also expanded its product offerings--which include deodorant and sunscreen--with a line of scented hand sanitizers. In Inc.'s latest Real Talk streaming event, founder and CEO Kara Goldin spoke with Brit Morse, Inc. assistant editor, about the early days of the company, how Hint has stayed scrappy during the coronavirus pandemic, and her memoir, Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters (HarperCollins Leadership, 2020). Watch the clips below for more of Goldin's story and her tips for entrepreneurs.

On why Hint got a headstart on automation, and how that helped keep workers safe during the pandemic:

On the lessons she learned from leading her company through the Great Recession:

On what it takes to launch a successful business in an unfamiliar industry:

On the inspiration for Hint's health-focused products--and why big competitors soon followed suit:

On the right (and wrong) time to raise outside capital: