True leaders don't "turn on" their skills when they're in the spotlight, says Ramiro Cavazos, president and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Instead, he says, they continue to lead regardless of where they are, what their title is, or who's watching: "They need to do it 24/7."

Cavazos was among the panelists discussing leadership at the third Hispanic Small Business Town Hall hosted by Inc. and Hello Alice on Wednesday. The panel, moderated by Carolyn Rodz, Hello Alice's co-founder and CEO, talked about the unique challenges of running a business during a pandemic and economic recession, and the traits that define great leaders. Watch the clips below for their advice. 

On the importance of being vulnerable, humble, and empathetic:

On why leadership isn't a performance, but a way of living:

On the three characteristics that make great leaders stand out:

On why it's not enough to inspire people with a vision:

On how to embrace the benefits of remote work: