This year has placed exceptional stress on business leaders' focus, productivity, and mental wellness. Jim Kwik, the founder and CEO of online memory-training company Kwik Learning, has developed tools to address these problems. The best part, he says? Anyone can use them. 

In Inc.'s latest "Real Talk: Business Reboot" streaming event, Kwik shared methods from his recent book, Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life (Hay House, 2020) for staying motivated, ignoring distractions, and getting more done. Watch the clips below for more of his advice on supercharging your brain's performance and becoming a lifelong learner.

On the best (and worst) way to take notes:

On the role of emotion in boosting your long-term memory: 

On why four simple words--in the right order--make up the formula for success:

On burnout and how it's commonly misunderstood:

On what to do every day to improve your sleep quality: