Not every business can grow to $100 million in revenue without raising any outside funding, S'well founder Sarah Kauss acknowledges. But for her company, which makes insulated reusable water bottles with trendy designs, bootstrapping felt natural. "I really wanted to make sure that there was a really strong there there before I ever thought about bringing in outside capital," Kauss told managing editor Lindsay Blakely in Inc.'s latest "Real Talk" streaming event on Wednesday. "And then one thing led to another, and it was 10 years later, and we were really profitable and we didn't need to do any of that."

Without the right product, however, none of that success would have been possible. Watch the clips below for Kauss's advice on designing a product customers will want to show off--and building a brand they'll want to support.

On how to fill in your knowledge gaps when you're a first-time founder:

On the scrappy strategy that helped S'well get its first press coverage:

On what to do about copycat products:

On why she decided to replace herself with a new CEO:

On the benefits and risks of premium pricing: