So when you think of the cookie-cutter entrepreneur, I think it's probably safe to say you think of someone white, male, from California and in tech right? Well that's exactly what the data shows.

According to a new survey which ranks US universities by the number of alumni entrepreneurs which got the most funding or had the most valuable exits for their companies in the past 12 months. Among several interesting findings, the study reveals that sadly only 4.3 percent of all  funding went women, 16.4 percent were minorities and Californian universities had the largest number of alumni funded.

Which university came out on top? Stanford University is ranked in first place, with 138 alumni getting funded or had an exit in the past 12 months, Harvard was ranked in second place with 89 alumni and UC Berkeley was ranked in third place with 45. When it came to the amount raised Harvard is in first place with over 7.9 Billion. But surprisingly founders without a college degree came on 7th place ahead of universities like Yale and Princeton.

So I think this is pretty depressing. If you're a woman from a minority background that maybe hasn't gone to a top university, your chances are slim. So how do we change this?

More press coverage of female/minority role models

Seeing is believing. If women or people from minority backgrounds see other women or people from minority backgrounds leading a tech company they can all be inspired. This is because they have positive affirmation that 'someone like them' can make it. It's like when you see someone from your hometown on the TV or someone from the same university. This can be helped by media outlets such as Inc. promoting female entrepreneurship. 

Encourage mentoring in universities

Research suggests that having a female role models at universities in economics and therefore by extension typically male-dominated subjects can help increase the number of women on that course. So introduce role models in universities from all backgrounds, aim for that diversity and you'll see someone different to Bill Gates. 

Role models in schools

Role models in schools are essential. Get them young! There are some great programmes in the UK that introduce women in STEM subjects, funding tech companies into schools so girls as well as boys, and people from ethnic minorities in positions of power, influence and in these typically white, male dominated industries.