The air is getting breezy, the colors are changing to warm gold, brown, and yellow as the holiday season approaches. The holiday season is a great time to celebrate and show your team your appreciation for their work.

Planning a holiday party should be easy, rewarding and fun, never stressful and overwhelming. Holiday parties can be the perfect opportunity for team building and getting to know your employees outside of normal business hours.

Here are three ways to pull a great holiday party together, even on short notice:

1. Choose the right location. 

Hosting an event should be a great experience for you and your team. Your team is an important part of your organization, and the hard work they put in throughout the year should be rewarded.

I personally like to take my team out to restaurants, it allows us to have different conversations where we get to know one another outside of the work office. Some of our most memorable moments have been while we set down and enjoyed a good meal together. 

Putting together a work party is great way to promote team building, taking the edge off work and having fun. Here are some unique places you can host your holiday party at:

  • Dave and Busters

  • Rock Gym

  • Bowling Alley

  • Stand-up Comedy Show

  • Laser Tag

  • Skyzone

  • Mini Golf

  • Stand-up comedy Show  

  • Rent an Art Gallery with food

  • Restaurant

  • Rent a Hotel Venue

  • Karaoke 

2. Stay in and have activities.

You can also host an event at your job location. This is a great option, it is cost-effective and another great opportunity to get to know your employees, aside from your normal day to day office engagement. Create different activities for your team to participate in during the party that are fun and will leave a memorable experience for everyone.

During our office Halloween party we played different games like, Guess the Amount of Candy in the Jar, Word Search and Word Scrabble. Our team really enjoyed the different games and it allowed me to see their competitive side, which was very entertaining. Below are some great activities your team will love:

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Two truths and a lie

  • Ugly sweater contest

  • White elephant gift exchange

  • Raffles

  • Dress like the decade you were born in

3. Show your team appreciation.

One important thing to always remember, is that rewarding your employees is a great gesture to let them know you appreciate them. You can show appreciation through many different ways.

Some examples are giving small gifts, like gift cards, mini goodie bags and gifts in a jar, along with personalized with words of appreciation, that will really let your staff know you care. You should show your appreciation to your team all year round and not only during the holidays. 

I love to surprise my team throughout the year with surprise lunches, giving Starbucks gift cards and movie nights, it really helps with promoting team unity as well. Also, make sure that everyone in the organization is invited and ready to have a good time!