Cardi B is an excellent example of how social media changed everything we knew about traditional marketing and media. She is someone who has benefited from this massive media shift and used her social media platform for building her brand and launching her career.

What makes Cardi B stand out, what makes millions of fans love her and support everything she does? What is her secret formula for growing her brand?  What makes Cardi B so unique when there are millions of brands trying to achieve what this native Bronx stripper became on social media at the age of 21 and is now an award-winning artist.

The reasons are not a well-thought marketing scheme or millions of dollars in advertising. On the contrary, it is more straightforward, and any entrepreneur can apply her methods to any business niche and life.

Are you ready to hear these mind-blowing strategies?

The reason for Cardi's success is a result of her authenticity; she is merely raw and unfiltered. Some may state she is outrageous, but her personality and character are what makes Cardi B who she is today.

People quickly fell in love with her personality and authenticity she gave. Owning who she was and people loved it. In a world where people put their best face forward, add filters and sparkles it is so refreshing to see someone being themselves. Cardi showed the good the bad and the ugly unfiltered.

In 2015, two years after establishing an online persona on Instagram that she did grow her self; she was offered a spot on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop: New York. Reality TV gave her a platform to have more visibility, making more people notice Cardi B, increasing her social media following even more.

Without further ado, here are the four things that you can apply to your brand to get a loyal following like Cardi B.

1. Own your past. 

A significant factor about Cardi is she not ashamed of her past and in fact, she embraces it. She remains humble about where she came from and is prominent in supporting others. Her humble beginning inspires so many people and helps form a connection on a personal level.

Every brand had to start out small. Connect with your audience, clients by showing your beginnings, the struggles, the hardship and where you are now.

2. Be yourself.

Cardi doesn't try to fit in a mold she created her own. Being her unapologetic self is what boost her followers to a million. Cardi's style and signature and phrases caught on and became popular pop culture.

By being your authentic self you will attract the right people to your business. The internet is a dominant source that can uncover anything about you. As we are witnessing more issues coming out to light, it doesn't matter how great of a product you have, if you are not who you say you are it will come to light.

3. Use social media to tell your story and control your narrative.

Cardi's career did not start with an agency promoting their artist, nor were any advertising dollars used to grow her career. Her growth was all organic social media traffic. She used Instagram as a platform to tell her story and used her voice to let people know who she was.

Use your social media channels as a way for your audience to get to know the real you. Showcase your life or your companies life, and culture.

4. Don't give up.

Cardi B didn't give up until she got where she wanted to get. Cardi is from a low-income neighborhood in the south Bronx and worked as an adult entertainer. Cardi aspired for more and had dreams of being a music artist.

A career choice that many saw as comical due to her circumstances. She preserved and pushed to get to her goals of becoming an artist and now has many record-breaking achievements under her belt.

Don't allow your beginning to overshadow your ultimate end goals.

Ultimately, what Cardi's success says about building a successful personal brand is that if you are yourself, use social media as a voice for your brand and never give up you can have a significant opportunity to succeed no matter the circumstances.You can hate or love her, but unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have either seen, listen or heard the name Cardi B.