Can you believe the holiday season is already upon us? The holiday season is the best time to market your brand and product. People are actively searching for deals and have the funds available to spend. During the 2017 holiday season it is projected that there will be a 16.6 percent growth in retail ecommerce sales compared to 2016.

It is best to create a marketing plan in advance for the best results but you can still get great results with these six tips you can do today. 

1. Create Videos and Focus on Video Marketing 

Video marketing is an extremely effective method for drawing action from users. Video marketing on social media is better at capturing your audience. Hubspot stated that "50 percent of consumers search for a brand's video content before buying something from their online store, 25 percent more likely to lose interest in your content if it isn't in video format." It's highly recommended for brands to utilize videos to guide consumers towards an action that will lead to a sale. So create videos, skits and incorporate your service or product. 

2. Get Personal and Personalized Advertising 

Get up close and personal, it's the holidays after all! You will want to take advantage of the Dynamic Product Re-targeting from Facebook. Personalize and create ads that speak directly to your target audience. Here's how: Create custom audiences based on factors like geographic and demographics. When the message is more personal, it's a more effective way to increase the ROI of your campaign.

3. Re-targeting 

Did a potential client visit your online website without purchasing an item? No need to worry, send them images of the item they were interested in as a way of reminding them how great life would be with that product. If that doesn't entice the consumer to buy, then give them a discount. Not sure how to provide the discount, just use Facebook Dynamic Product ads for this.

4. Create a Custom Audience Of Your Existing Buyer Base 

Expose your existing client base to products or services they might need now. Complement/up-sell products they have already purchased from you in the past that they might want to re-buy. For example, if your product is clothing and the fall season is approaching, then you can offer sweaters. You can pair this up with a promotion as a way to entice your client to purchase the item they need without any hesitation and receiving a deal at the time. This making it a win, win situation for both parties.

5. Take advantage of Geographical Locations 

Almost all marketing platforms give you the option to segment your audience. You can choose different messages for each different groups of your followers. Take a look at some examples below:

Dia De Los Muertos Campaigns - Segment out to your Hispanic following who may be celebrating Dia De Los Muertos and send them a personalized Dia De Los Muertos advert and/or email campaign. Dia De Los Muertos is from October thirty-first to November second this year in Mexico and the United States.

Black Friday campaigns for the United States - Segment out your U.S. following and send them a personalized Black Friday advertising and/or email campaign. Black Friday in the United States falls on Friday, November twenty-fourth this year. Send a nice promotion and/or email.

6. Disappearing Stories 

Disappearing stories are a top trend for this holiday season and will be for the upcoming year. Specifically, Instagram stories are very high in engagement. If your account is verified, you can add the "swipe up' feature, which gives the highest conversion than any other marketing tactic. So, it is extremely important to find ways to implement and develop engaging stories. See two examples below:

  • Make sure stories are personal and engaging.

  • Be creative, use filters, stickers, and drawings.

Kick-Off The Holiday Season Right

This holiday season, don't let the stress get to you, utilizing these marketing tips to help put the fun back in holidays and skyrocket your social media. I'm excited to know how these tips worked for you, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Happy holidays from my family to yours.