Viral content can bring your personal or business brand to the next-level, especially if your post goes viral on social media. Imagine the impact of tens of thousands to millions of people engaging and sharing your social posts. Pretty spectacular! You may think going viral is challenging, but I'm here to tell you -- It isn't.

As the creator of parody Grumpy Cat, I know the thrill of having a post go viral, and I cracked the code for making things go viral on social media. I've done it for musicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 brands.

There's a simple roadmap anyone can employ to go viral. The following tips and tricks I use can help you get your social media moving in the right direction.

Don't Be Afraid to Stir Things Up

Not all social media posts need to be fluffy to get people to engage and share. If your posts aren't resonating with your audience, it may be time to go from fluffy to controversial.

If you want to stir things up, post about something controversial happening in the world that you have a passionate opinion about. The goal is to provoke emotion, because people love to share emotional content and let their voice be heard.

For instance, If I'm not feeling a specific controversial topic that is trending in the news, or even a trend in human behavior, I'll post something about it.

Engage Your Followers with Lots of Visual Content

Ever read an article about the top viral posts of a year? If you have, you probably noticed that most viral posts are of visual nature. This in essence is part of the decreased attention span people have online.

To go viral on social media, think video, images, and GIFs. These forms of visual content are a staple on social media, and when done right, can easily go viral. I love shooting videos about the things I'm thinking about or experiencing. When the mood strikes me, I'll whip out my phone and hit record.

You definitely don't need to set up your videos and have a script. Just start recording and speak from the heart. This leads to so much more engagement, because you are probably not the only person feeling some type of way.

Get Your Followers Involved by Beginning a Social Discussion

Your followers are the foundation to your social success. Without them, you simply don't exist online. The key to going viral is getting your followers communicating within a post.

You can employ a few different viral strategies for this. For example, enlist your followers to create and share content on a specific topic. I like to pose a question that I'm thinking about deeply and ask my followers if they agree or disagree.

It's like opening up a discussion with friends and these types of posts have viral potential. Your followers will be more motivated to share their content via your post, thus increasing viral potential. Involve and empower your audience and you'll be surprised just how much more visibility your content will get.

Leverage Social Media Influencers Naturally

Another powerful way to increase your viral chances on social media is to employ the help and following of social media influencers. Leveraging influencers expands your social reach, increases engagement, and boosts your follower count.

This viral strategy is useful even if you're a social influencer yourself. Now I don't really focus on influencers in the common way, like finding specific people to promote my brand, music, or services. Instead, I let influencer marketing happen naturally.

For example, I'll just post images of inspirational people I am fortunate to connect with and they'll trend naturally, like this one of Eric Schurenberg of Inc. and myself.

If you're not meeting with inspirational people, then how do you know what social influencers to leverage? Put yourself in the shoes of your followers. Who else are your followers following other than you? Who do they read about and resonate with? These will be the influencers you should collaborate with to make your social posts go viral.

Connect with these influencers and set up a cross-promotional event. You can even pair this with a user generated social campaign, having influencers share your content with their followers.

The above viral tips and tricks are just the beginning, and once you master a few, you can leverage other tactics to get maximum engagement on each social post. I always stay in tune and engage with my followers, because connecting with them in a meaningful way is essential to going viral and growing social worth. This is always in my social playbook, what's in yours?