If you think Silicon Valley is the only mecca for entrepreneurs, think again. New York City has more fast-growing companies than any other city in the United States--in fact, 236 of them ended up on this year's Inc. 5000. The closest runner up, Chicago, boasts of only 104 fast-growth companies on our list.

From digital advertising to suit tailoring to spa services, these businesses are as diverse as they come. Here are the top 10 fastest-growing companies taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

10. Andy & Evan Industries
Inc. 5000 ranking: 142

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Founded in 2010 by Andy Perl and Evan Hakalir, this eponymous company designs and produces clothing for children, from newborns through age 7. Their quality garments are distributed at more than 1,000 retailers nationwide, including venues such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. That and more has clearly helped the company's revenue jump in the last three years by 2,718 percent, to nearly $3.3 million in 2014. 

9. Knot Standard
Inc. 5000 ranking: 130

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In 2010, John Ballay and Matt Mueller set out to make luxurious, well-constructed cut-to-measure suits at an affordable price point. With Knot Standard's digital measuring system, customers can design a suit that's tailor made to their own body--without ever having to go to a tailor. Knot Standard has gotten favorable write-ups from GQ and Details, too. That bit of ink has kept on giving, as the suit maker landed more than $3.3 million in sales last year, a 2,800 percent increase since 2011.  

8. The Bait Shoppe
Inc. 5000 ranking: 125

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The Bait Shoppe, founded in 2011, is a boutique creative agency specializing in experiential marketing. The Bait Shoppe has helped giant companies like Hewlett-Packard and General Mills develop interactive and innovative marketing strategies, and in the process, has booked major sales. In 2014, the company's revenue launched to nearly $3.4 million, up from $119,000 in 2011. 

7. Pharmapacks
Inc. 5000 ranking: 115

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Pharmapacks, founded in 2010, is an online retailer of more than 20,000 wellness items, from health and beauty products to medical aids. Based in Queens, New York, Pharmapacks has seen its revenue spike to $35.1 million in 2014, a greater than a 3,000 percent increase since 2011.

6. Contently
Inc. 5000 ranking: 100

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Contently is a five-year-old marketing agency that uses premium, original content to build brand loyalty. The average media consumer in 2015 spends less than eight seconds on a typical piece of content, but this company has been able to help clients like American Express and HSBC average 15 times that--helping Contently land more than $7.6 million in sales in 2014, up from $218,001 in 2011.

5. Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge
Inc. 5000 ranking: 96

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With two locations in Manhattan--one in SoHo and another near Park Avenue--Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge provides a wide variety of salon and spa services, all grounded in holistic practices and aromatherapy. And it looks like New Yorkers can't get enough: The four-year-old company's two locations have booked a 2,792 percent rise in three-year sales, which hit $3.4 million in 2014. 

4. Lynx Technology Partners
Inc. 5000 ranking: 80

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Founded in 2009, Lynx Technology Partners provides IT security and risk-management advisory services to help customers across the world in highly regulated industries. They've helped clients like Virgin Atlantic, ING, and Barclays shore up their security, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies. In return, those companies helped Lynx break into the top 100 of this year's Inc. 5000 for the first time, with three-year revenue growth rate of 3,740 percent. The company landed $7.9 million in revenue in 2014.

3. AdTheorent
Inc. 5000 ranking: 35

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These past few years have certainly been kind to the mobile advertising world. AdTheorent, the seventh advertising company on Inc.'s 2015 overall list, develops data-based technologies that enable partners like McDonald's and Bank of America to optimize the timing and targeting of their mobile ads to maximize engagement. The company's three-year revenue-growth rate hit 6,777 percent, with sales bringing in more than $22 million in 2014. 

2. Adore Me
Inc. 5000 ranking: 14

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Adore Me is a brand of women's underwear that focuses on creating fashionable, high-quality lingerie at an affordable price. Adore Me, which was No. 49 on last year's list, has grown by 15,606 percent over the past three years and garnered $16.1 million in 2014.

1. StartApp
Inc. 5000 ranking: 7


Coming in at No. 7 among this year's overall Inc. 5000, StartApp offers an advertising platform to help developers monetize and better distribute their mobile apps. StartApp boasts a clientele consisting of 50 percent of the world's top grossing apps and more than 100,000 monetizing applications. Given those numbers, it's no surprise that StartApp has seen its revenue grow by more than 22,000 percent since 2011. In 2014, the company's annual sales hit a whopping $37 million.