It's that interesting time of year. The freshness of your new calendar along with all the aspirations for big change have moved from front and center into a gnawing feeling this might not be the year yoga gets scheduled weekly or your debt gets reduced as quickly as you thought.

Time to go to a place that saves you from chucking it all and gives you motivation instead of the 'disappointed' you talking to the 'defeated' you. The discovery of this place for me was a happy accident.

I am an entrepreneur. I founded Produce Your Podcast  and operate a full-time consulting business along with an art business on the side...for the fun of it! As a business development strategist, I often share the wisdom of celebrating small victories with startup clients. I wasn't taking my own advice. I entered into 2018 feeling more anxious than usual.  A wise friend suggested I make a list of all the things I'd accomplished in 2017. I wrote about successes like  increasing the overall revenues of my business over 36%, getting my own (3) websites updated to reflect  the  launch of podcast production service offerings in my business and having my own podcast, Journey to There be recognized as one of the best podcasts for women. I'm certain there were a multitude of things in between that I'd forgotten.

I decided to do things differently this year.

I started tracking my daily wins. Here's where my challenge became interesting. My clients' work was always completed. Yet, the tasks I needed to do to for my business and personal growth were not getting the spotlight of a win. They were hitting the cutting room floor.

The implementation of the daily check-ins were creating a reality check on the frequency  I was moving important items to the next day. My  goals were never going to be attainable if I did not create time to do what it takes to obtain them. Reflecting on my daily wins is important. Now, I'm also identifying the items left undone and moving them to the next day with new focus.

Here are few tips on how tracking helps you stay on track:

1. Give credit where credit is due.

You achieve a lot more in a day than you realize. It is easy to lose track of all you've accomplished in a day, a week or a month. Not every day is going to give you the memorable win. By taking time to actually document small victories during the week will keep you feeling positive. Each new day provides the gift to begin again. A fresh perspective makes a difference.

2.  Face the facts

Staying on top of the areas you need to keep working on will help you recognize the areas where you can begin again the next day to affect incremental change.

3. Say 'thank you' to yourself.

You work hard, sacrifice and push past exhaustion. Don't forget to thank yourself for the things you do to be as successful as you are today.

This checklist of accountability to myself has been a game changer. I'm more positive about what I've done in a day. I'm also in tune with areas where I'm putting myself last and moving them back towards the front. I start the day with the determination to stay committed to the small things knowing it is those things that lead to the big successes.

If you don't win...begin again.

About the Author

Traci Long DeForge's 25-year professional career reflects a unique combination of Broadcast Media Management and Fortune 500 Business Consulting. She identifies successful business development opportunities for innovative growth. From early stage design and development start-ups to her work with Fortune 500 companies including Google, Hilton and British Airways, Traci has unique talent maintaining the overall vision, while simultaneously executing details needed to achieve specific goals. This powerful combination led to expanding her entrepreneurial portfolio by founding Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast production agency. She taps into her passion for creativity by producing and hosting the Journey to There podcast. The show provides inspiration and tactile tips on how to navigate the intersection between personal and business growth. Traci facilitates workshops and classes in cities all across the country including Stanford University, has been featured on CNN and is a contributor for

Published on: Feb 28, 2018
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