Summer is here. You can take off or you can use this time of rest to change course. Change runs the spectrum from the carefully planned to mind-numbingly unexpected. No matter the angle, one guarantee is that it will require a clear focus in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, so while you are under construction, find some interesting projects to work on. Make a plan for yourself to read a series of books, take a class or visit local tourist spots. Map it out, set some goals and timelines and stick to them. This will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and ultimately make you happier and an even more interesting person.

There four tips will help you with your summer cleanse, help you focus and make a positive impact on your life.

1. Walk at least a half hour a day.

Energy is key! And since we are not dogs, we can't be put on a leash and taken for a walk, we must push ourselves to get out there. Or as Nike has so famously promoted, "Just Do It." A half hour a day will do the trick! Everyone, everywhere says it from your Mother to your Doctor to your HR Director. In times of change it is oh so helpful to be sure that we do this for ourselves.

2. Eat your greens.

Eating good, healthy food just makes such a difference. While it sometimes seems so hard, especially in times of change, to stay away from comfort food it actually will do just the opposite. The foods many times called comfort are filled with fat and calories and will, in fact, slow you down and delete your energy. Be good to yourself! I’m not going sugar-coat it, it does takes a little extra time to gather and prepare healthy food, but the results are so worth it!

3. Have a good laugh.

What really makes you just serendipitously, uncontrollably explode into fits of laughter? Find it, let it happen, repeat! Yes, even the most positive change can be stressful and cause us to be more uptight and humorless than usual. A good laugh will remind you that life is fun! Even if it’s not fun right now, it will remind you of all the fun you have had and let you know that more blue skies are ahead.

4. Make time for friends.

Team "You". Look around and take stock of the people in your life. Now, pick a select few and engage them to be your "transition team." Think about this carefully, find the friends and colleagues who you know can be helpful to you, and let them be. It's ok, really. Everyone likes to be admired for their special gifts and sought after for advice, plus it is a wonderful way to provide a compliment to them. And trust me, by the time you have conquered your change, they will be going through one and you can happily re-pay them!

When it all comes down to it, life is all about change, so get used to it. The experiences we collect are what makes life worth living. Be patient, learn from what you have been through, listen to the tales of others and then find the positive and embrace it. Happy Summer!

Hilarie S. Viener is Executive Vice President, North America, The Value Engineers, a global brand consultancy. Prior to joining The Value Engineers, she was President of a branding and digital agency, WONDER. Ms. Viener is a graduate of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, DC.  She began her career at Wells Rich Greene Advertising, then moved on to roles at Griffin Bacal, Lowe & Partners and BBDO.