Recently I had a trusted advisor tell me she would not make a monetary investment in my company because I hired a CEO, rather than keeping the position myself. This came after three former mentors praised me for the same decision. After the advisor scolded me, I momentarily doubted myself, but then remembered my initial motive for the decision.

Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., is my third venture and hopefully my "homerun". I know from experience as the CEO of my first two companies that while I am exceptional at holding a vision for the company and keeping the team motivated, I struggle to establish the concrete steps that will lead the company to reach its highest level of success and potential.

Below are three factors that helped me know when it was time to hire someone more qualified than myself for the CEO role. See if they fit you:

1. You are uncomfortable with numbers
Let me just get it out there--I have math anxiety, bad enough to leave me paralyzed when asked questions about numbers. This fact does not go over well with investors who need to be assured that the CEO knows the numbers and financials inside and out. If your business acumen has been challenged by potential investors or labeled as inadequate based on the amount you are seeking to raise, it may be time to hire someone else to do the job.

2. You know your business is capable of much more than you alone can achieve.
I hired our CEO in May and it was the best decision of my life. I'm not afraid to act as CEO when necessary--I know I can grow Tiger Eye into a $10 million company. But I also know that my new CEO, with her greater experience and knowledge, can grow Tiger Eye into a $100 million company.

3. You would rather work on the venture than in the venture.
I love the role of visionary and embrace the title "Chief Innovator" because it allows me to explore new ideas and tasks. I don't like getting bogged down in the day-to-day operations of running of the business. I can do what's required, but I don't enjoy it and my CEO is better at it than I am.

If these scenarios sound like you, hiring a CEO to run your company is something to consider. It doesn't mean you're not smart enough for the job. In fact, it means the opposite--you are smart enough to realize your company will perform better with a more seasoned hand at the helm.

CJ Scarlet is the President and founder of Tiger Eye Sensor, Inc., a technology company that is developing the Tiger Eye Security Sensor, the first hands-free personal security device. The former roller-skating carhop and US Marine is a 2000 Springboard alumna, and an award-winning entrepreneur, victim advocate, motivational speaker, author and emerging technology geek. CJ has been named one of the "Happy 100" people on the planet, and is featured in the bestsellers Happy for No Reason and Be Invincible. CJ can be reached at or at www.linkedin/in/cjscarlet. Her company website is