Next time you update the fixtures and fittings in your office, you may want consider adding somewhere for your team to enjoy a nap. It may well be counter intuitive to invite your employees to spend time on the clock catching up on their sleep. But there's a surprising amount of research to suggest forty winks at work can have a positive impact on both worker and employer.

Improve Employee Creativity

As humans, we're at our most creative when we're in a state of relaxation. Research suggests this is particularly true for introverts. So letting your team nap or even just relax somewhere comfortable could result in creative solutions to problems and better responses to creative briefs.

Enhance Productivity and Performance

It's a fact: sleep deprivation kills productivity and lowers performance at work. Unfortunately, most of don't sleep enough. So by letting your employees take a nap at work, you could contribute to making them more productive and in turn performing better. All of that adds up to better business.

Improve Memory and Learning Capacity

Sleep is absolutely imperative for optimum memory and learning. For those new to a role, the learning curve is often incredibly steep. And even well into a role, continued learning and development is critical to progress.

So forty winks at work could make training up new recruits more efficient and could help to speed up employee development.

It's an Attractive Perk

Attracting the best talent is not just about salary. Companies are getting increasingly creative with their perks as well. Competition for great talent is tough. Offering your employees paid nap time during the working day could make you stand out and help you to attract the talent your company needs to succeed.

Even More Reasons

A full list of reasons to let you team sleep on the clock is summarised in this infographic by

napping at work

Inviting Employees to Nap on the Clock

While there are clear benefits to letting employees sleep on the clock, you have to consider practicalities like time limits and ensuring someone is available to handle client calls when needed. Perhaps it wouldn't work in every type of business.

As for me? I'd find it a little odd, at first, to bed down for a nap in the middle of the working day. But I think I could get used to it.