The Rib Man responds. Carey Friedman, the owner of Grandpa Eddie's BBQ in Richmond, VA, responds to the recent "Groupon bashing." His experience with the daily deal site? "Groupon has worked incredibly well." Here's why.

Seeing a tech bubble through the lens of Color. The photo-sharing start-up that raised $41 million before it even had a single user is profiled in The New York Times.

How corporate hiring will affect your small business. OPEN Forum explains how a new initiative by large companies to offer training to employees can affect your small business's hiring prospects. 

Dump that cash register. One Silicon Valley start-up is working on a new piece of software (that's right, software) that uses "ultrasonic sound" to transmit information—including payment information—to a point of sale system.

Can I have a raise? The Harvard Business Review offers some advice for the business owner confronted with this (perhaps all too) common question.

VillageVines relaunches as Savored. The "online concierge for insider pricing at premier restaurants" announced that it will expand to 10 new cities today under its new moniker, Savored.

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