From Flip to Grilled Cheese. Tech entrepreneur Jonathan Kaplan sold his device, the Flip camera, for nearly $600 million. Now, The New York Times reports, he's working on his next start-up idea: a tech savvy chain of grilled cheese restaurants called The Melt. 

Shredding plastic. The Wall Street Journal delves into a sticky subject for many business owners: credit card fees. Here's what a few of those companies are doing about it. 

The entrepreneurial pivot. Roost started out as a real estate search engine. Now it manages social media marketing campaigns for businesses. Here's how CEO Alex Chang made the switch. 

Changing up careers. CNN Money has the story of "how five gutsy professionals turned job setbacks into satisfying, sustainable careers."

The rockstar CEO. Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster, goes on a 10-city rock tour in what Fast Company calls "Rocking the most hated brand in America."

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