Why entrepreneurs should watch more TV. One reason: Because customers make purchase decicisions based on popular television shows. Banana Republic, for example, teamed up with the creators of Mad Men to create a 60's era line of clothing, reports The New York Times.

Will Hulu sell itself? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hulu, the free online video provider, is "considering the move after a potential buyer for the company approached it with an unsolicited offer."

What your business can learn from...the Amish? More than you might think. Here are three helpful marketing tips your business can glean from "farm culture," via OPEN Forum.

Men are savvier LinkedIn users. A recent study of LinkedIn data shows that men are better networkers than women. However, within specific companies, women dominate the social networking site. For example, women within Best Buy are much better networkers than men. Who knew.

What happens when your company doesn't offer health insurance? People might do crazy things. One man, for instance, robbed a bank for one dollar in order to get thrown in jail where inmates receive free health care.

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