AmEx checks in. Foursquare will roll out a new partnership with American Express today that gives customers discounts when they check in to certain businesses and retailers, according to The New York Times.

Inside hacker culture. The Wall Street Journal travels to the Netherlands to get an up-close look at Anonymous, the group of Web hackers that once stood for a pillar of Internet freedom.

The "Winklevii" relent. After seven years—and a $65 million settlement—the Winklevoss brothers, who famously claimed Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook, have given up on their lawsuit.

Social innovation in business. Bill Fischer, a blogger for Forbes, asks "Where are the great social innovations? And, why don’t we hear more about them as well?"

How Netflix came to dominate the video market. It's not because of content, says The Atlantic. Rather, it's an aggregator "with strong economies of scale and customer captivity."

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