Foursquare takes the 'check.' Just a few days after Foursquare announced its partnership with American Express, The New York Times is reporting that they've raised another $50 million in funding.

A shady move by Skype investors? Last week, Bloomberg "published a story claiming that Skype investors...were firing senior that they don’t get their full share of the proceeds from the sale" to Microsoft. Here's Wired's follow-up from Felix Salmon.

The CEO of China's Twitter has big dreams. The Wall Street Journal reports that Charles Chao, CEO of Sina Corp., wants to create the next Facebook. And with more than 140 million users, he's well on his way. 

Does social media really have a return on investment? Farhad Manjoo asks "Do "likes" and retweets add up to sales? Who knows? And who really cares?" in Fast Company.
How to make your staff better at stuff. The author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz, offers a few tips in OPEN Forum on elevating the talent of your staff.

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