An advertising start-up with a twist. The New York Times takes a look at a somewhat puzzling new company that allows Web users to 'collect' ads as they go in order to view them later.

Trouble at the MySpace HQ. TechCrunch confirms some bad news about MySpace today: the company plans to lay off about 150 employees on Wednesday.

Will Google, Apple, and eBay crumble? An ominous post on today predicts the fall of these three tech giants'.

PepsiCo needs a comeback. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is "throwing new weight behind its biggest brand," The Wall Street Journal notes, launching a new advertising campaign in an attempt to recover after Pepsi dropped to the No. 3 soda brand in America—trailing not just Coke, but Diet Coke as well.

Hey big spender—where'd you go? Real spending fell in May and Americans "may be back in a recession state-of-mind," reports The Atlantic.

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