Fox News gets hacked! Hackers sent the web into a tizzy over the weekend by breaking into Fox News' twitter account and posting that President Obama had been killed. The New York Times has the latest, reporting that the tweets have been removed, Fox has released an apologetic statement, and that the Secret Service is going to investigate the situation.

Entrepreneurs need vacations, too. Though loyal readers know this already, The Wall Street Journal has a story reiterating that entrepreneurs should take time off to better manage their businesses. Just don't forget to pack the good stuff.

Apple orders the iPhone 5. The tech giant has reportedly ordered 15 million iPhone 5's for the upcoming September launch.

Google says goodbye to real-time search. Mashable reports that Google has temporarily shuttered its nifty real-time search-- which live-streams search results-- due to the expiration of a contract with Twitter.

Global debt round up. Based on the latest data, Business Insider has a slideshow of 10 countries least likely to default on their debt. The list includes Australia, Hong Kong, and the good ole U.S.A.

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