Facebook closer to music venture? Mashable reports the social networking site may be a few steps closer to its rumored music service called Facebook Vibes.

Google+ lessons from a baby. A Gigaom writer has a clever story about testing the efficiency and reach of Google+ by posting some exciting pregnancy news. The news was also posted to Faecbook and Flickr, and the social reactions of all three were compared.

Mobile makes a dent. Reports show the global mobile industry is expected to bring in $1.3 trillion by the end of this year-- making up 2% of the worldwide GDP.

Business-for-sale market sees improvement. According to The New York Times, the latest data shows an 8% increase over last year in the business-for-sale market. 

Do some good with less. Another Mashable story points out 7 easy (and cheap) ways to give back to your community as a small business owner.

Need summer employees? The Wall Street Journal has a story about why entrepreneurs should hire their kids as summer employees.

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