A nude approach to selling clothing. That's the strategy for Zappos, at least. The New York Times profiles the company's latest advertising stunt that takes the 'sex sells' idea (maybe too) literally.

Eric Schmidt's deadline pressure. And it's not for the next Google product roll-out, either. This time it's for Schmidt's book, which will be about how technology affects foreign policy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Do your employees 'fit in?' "There is a severe identity crisis in the workplace that is reducing productivity, minimizing trust and setting people back in their careers," writes Glen Llopis in Forbes.com.  

The digital police. Wired's Kim Zetter describes how tech detectives deciphered Stuxnet, "the most menacing Malware in history."

How Google+ will affect your business. Right now, Google+ is just for personal accounts. But Chris Brogan, writing for OPEN Forum, postulates that Google+ will become essential for your small business one day.

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