A music start-up generates massive feedback. The New York Times takes a look at Turntable.fm, a hot start-up that's used the power of exclusivity to attract hordes of D.J.-ing users.

A patent firm takes on the big guys. TechCrunch reports that Intellectual Ventures is suing a slew of corporations including Dell, Best Buy, and Walmart over patent infringement. 

A bleak picture of unemployment in America. The recent jobs report showed a sluggish return from the recession, but this chart from The Atlantic reveals a downright depressing figure: just 58 percent of American adults are employed.

Foursquare's new plan at generating revenue. And yes, it has to do with daily deals. According to The Wall Street Journal, Foursquare is teaming up with sites like LivingSocial, Gilt, and (maybe) Groupon. 

Where art and entrepreneurship collide. The Brooklyn-based Speak Easy series, hosted by journalist Cara Cannella, "connects bold artists and entrepreneurs with local audiences." Tickets for tonight's conversation with the founders of the Brooklyn Winery can be purchased here.

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