Testing out Google+. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Boehret reviews Google's latest attempt at a social networking service that falls somewhere between Facebook and Twitter.

Netflix ups its fees—and draws ire from customers. Raising prices can be a sticky situation for small businesses. The New York Times describes how—and why—Netflix rolled out a 60 percent price increase, and how customers reacted.

The app debate. Wired asks, "What’s better: A piece of software designed specifically to run on one device, or a web-coded experience that can be accessed on any gadget equipped with a browser?"—an essential question for your business if you're considering developing an app.

Questions of privacy plague tech companies. Forbes.com explains how Facebook aids government searches by handing over its users' data.

How 'green' is toothpaste? CNN Money describes the not-so-green dark side to six familiar products.

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