Should you monitor your employees' private lives? Paul Downs of The New York Times wonders how much he should care what employees do in their spare time. 

How cell providers are trying to boost traffic. The Wall Street Journal covers the clever and bizarre methods (e.g. a microchip in a diaper that sends a text message when wet) companies are developing to up cell traffic. 

How to use video on your site. Video blogging is great for building your brand—but how do you get started? OPEN Forum weighs in. 

Is Google making us dumber? Or smarter? The Atlantic Wire presents this fantastic roundup of academic studies that have studied the neuroscience behind Google searching. 

How to be present when you're on vacation. Dorie Clark, writing for the Harvard Business Review, explains how to schedule your social media presence to become "ubiquitous," even when you're on vacation. 

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