The effect of lowering America's credit rating. Economists weigh in on the turbulence that would arise from lowering the federal government's rating from AAA to AA, noting it could create a "further blow to the already fragile national economic confidence," reports The New York Times. 

Should you invest in Netflix? Recent subscription hikes at Netflix sent its stock prices into a little tumble; GigaOM rounds up what analysts are saying about the stock.

Your band's album? Yeah, there's an app for that. The always-eccentric Bjork has released Biophilia, an album app that "tests the boundaries of what is possible technically and artistically with the iPad and iPhone." Wired explains

Why can't we create jobs? The Wall Street Journal explores the mechanical failure of America's job engine in the last 10 years. 

Big Mac woes. McDonald's, "bowing to pressure from health advocates and parents," has promised to reduce the amount of calories in its Kid's Meals, The New York Times reported yesterday. 

Rhode Island: Fastest Internet in the country. A study of data collected by Pando Networks tracked downloads by 4 millions users across the country. Here's a map where the fastest—and slowest—Internet resides. 

Average Download Speed By State (Kilobytes Per Second)

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