On Thursday, the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy sent a letter to the Federal Communication Commission expressing its view that the "do-not-call" and "do-not-fax" lists would seriously and negatively impact small businesses. It also asked the FCC to grant requests from businesses for stay. But will these policies really do that much damage?

In an article by reporter Matthew Fogel in the July issue of Inc., it was reported that, despite a lawsuit from the Direct Marketing Association against the Federal Trade Commission, the industry seems "largely unfazed." Perhaps these lists may even spawn better business plans: In a column by Robert X. Cringely in the Inc. September issue (on newsstands), he argues that unsolicited intrusions may not be the most efficient way to do business anyway. (I tend to agree. After all, I would never dream of ordering from that Chinese place whose delivery guy once snuck into my office and left a menu on my desk while I was working.) What's your opinion on the "do-not-call" and "do-not-fax" lists?