In a collection of essays from The Independent, a number of writers reflect on our post 9-11 world. The most striking essay, I think, is Paul Vallely's, "Social Fabric," which discusses the emotional effect the attacks have had on society as a whole.

In the essay, Vallely suggests the attacks didn't have a lasting effect on those not personally touched by the event. While during the first days and weeks after 9-11, we all made resolutions to spend more time with our families and act in more kind and humane ways, Vallely says we've "slipped back" to how things were before the terror attacks.

He writes: "For a while a new gentleness was in the air. Our shared shock brought a shared need to think of others." However, later in the essay he writes: "But most of us have slipped back. Just as on an international level, America has reverted to a Wild West view of global politics and environmental issues, so too, our collective psyche has hardened."

Have we "slipped back"? There was much talk about "business as usual" after the attacks, but did we take that too far and forget our resolutions?