Some cynics might think Bill Gates' campaign against AIDS in Africa is just a PR effort on behalf of Microsoft. But, as Nicholas D. Kristof suggests in his Op-Ed column today, Fighting the Fevers, the billionaire's probably doing more for the crusade against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in Africa than the entire Western world. In fact, as Kristof notes, "When Mr. Gates made his first tentative donation to malaria research, he found he'd raised the global budget by 50 percent."

People can certainly criticize Gates' for how he's made his money and they can criticize his products, but his philanthropic efforts are something to be admired.

Kristof's column actually got me thinking about Inc.'s own stories of philanthropic entrepreneurs, like that of John Wheeler. He's the founder of Rockford Construction in Belmont, Mich., who has made giving back to his community part of building his business. And, Inc. writer Donna Fenn's report on a slew of entrepreneurs who are democratizing the philanthropic world by making it easier for ordinary businesspeople to enter.

Whether their contributions are large or small, today's business builders are finding ways to share their good fortune. Do you have any stories of entrepreneurs who are making a difference? Share them here.