Many businesses have started in dorm rooms, but not in dorms specifically dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial dreams of students. The University of Maryland has opened a dorm that fosters the formation of companies as part of the Hinman Campus Entrepreneurship Opportunities program, the Boston Globe reported today in "Great Ideas 101." Outside of the dorm, the students study typical college topics like English, engineering, business, but at the Hinman dorm, they're encouraged to start innovative businesses through a series of weekly seminars on starting and running a business, and the help they receive from UMD faculty. The dorm includes wireless Internet service, conference rooms, and a state-of-the-art computer lab. Hinman students have already started a number of businesses, from developing a wireless emergency alert system to a GPS that measures athletic performance in the field.

Sounds like a promising way to get today's young business owners off to a good start. Do you think this could be the future of teaching entrepreneurship?