I must admit I was kind of sad to see Sam go last night, even though he was so annoying and didn't add anything to the men's team. He was all bark and no bite when it came to actual business acumen. I did love to hate him though. I'm so tired of the guys losing. And, once again, the women stooped to using their good looks to win. The only exception seemed to be Amy, who wisely offered the sports store salesman "cost plus 10 percent" for the Callaway golf club. Meanwhile, the men didn't display any negotiation skills. Going to a fancy spa for a leg wax was just plain stupid. And for the past two episodes they've kept three people at home base doing "research" but that's a total waste of time, especially since the information they came up with this was sparse and inaccurate!

Hopefully the guys will win next week now that Sam's gone. I'm interested to see how the two teams handle the challenge to manage restaurants in Times Square for a day. The previews seemed to hint that the women will finally get burned by their "sex sells" approach. I really hope so, because their behavior is embarrassing, especially to women who are making it in the business world based on talent and knowledge, not on tight skirts and cute hairdos!

In the end, is working for the Donald that great of a reward? An executive compensation firm recently surveyed 137 company execs and employees and revealed that 38 percent of those polled would only work for the Donald for more than $250,000 a year. A surprising 27 percent said they wouldn't work for the Donald for any amount of money.

We've come up with a little poll of our own. Tell us if you think the guys' team will rally now that Sam's history.