So, we didn't back the right horse, or the right Fox. As far as the NFL playoffs, though, we did fairly well as Andy Reid, Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick got in, but we didn't nail down the Super Bowl coaches, alas.

We were, however, on the right track with the CEO/Head Coach comparison, according to this Boston Globe story on the NFL's resident genius..

Of the Final Four, who do you think did the best managerial job this year?

--Tony Dungy, for getting the playoff-loser stigma off his back by letting his main man Manning unleash his audiblizing id on quaking defenses (paging Kansas City)

--John Fox, for taking a team that was nothing two years ago to a tough, pound-the-ball squad that won a lot of games by sticking to the fundamentals and winning in the end (sort of the anti-Spurrier who is now delivering his "ole' ball coach" routine to his pitching wedge)

--Andy Reid, for bringing a team left for dead after week two, and left on life support with a wicked rash of injuries, and getting to a third straight NFC championship (in a town slightly more pessimistic and bitter than Lucy Van Pelt)

--Bill Belichick, for being Bill Belichick (Nuff said)

And if you think it's another coach, make a case (unless it is for Mike Martz, because that would just be silly)

Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Take Red Sox Nation (and the points) over Tar Heel State, Patriots 27 -- Panthers 10

And one last time to make myself feel better:

Fly Eagles Fly, On the Road to Victory...oh, whatever, never mind.