In his April 13 blog post, Kevin Salwen, the co-founding editor of Worthwhile magazine says that workers increasingly are looking for opportunities that make them happy. "As the economy improves, the war for talent is coming back," he notes, and he speculates that the deciding factor in choosing employment won't be money -- it will be inspiration. Workers will flock to jobs where they feel they can be passionate about what they do and where they work.

This topic recently was touched on in a Fresh Inc. blog, where users commented on what makes the ideal work environment. Most of those who commented said that while the work environment was important, money mattered all the same. The ideal situation for most employees is to have an employer who cares and is committed to the well being of its workers and the company, but is also cognizant of the fact the employees can't live on "happiness" alone.

At the end of the day, workers want to feel good about what they do, but they need to pay the bills, too. It's the balance between the two factors that will keep good employees -- not banking on one or the other.